We have two pathways available to KS3 pupils – a GCSE pathway and a functional skills, vocational and preparation for adulthood pathway. The route a young person embarks upon will be decided on in close liaison with the young person, their parents/carers and staff at The Stable school. This pathway is not fixed and if a young person needs to go in a different direction some time into their education with us, pathways can be changed.

GCSE pathway:

Curriculum will be closely mirroring the national curriculum with allowances for personal interests. Pupils are encouraged to study for English, maths and science GCSEs and are given the option to study for further GCSEs that interest them (with the availability of a personal subject specialist tutor if required).

Functional skills, vocational and preparation for adulthood pathway:

Although pupils are always encouraged to work towards a GCSE, particularly in maths and English we understand that this is not always appropriate for that young person. We aim for pupils to always leave us with some qualifications so aim to deliver different levels of GCSEs, functional skills and BTECHs (Please see 14-16 (KS4) curriculum for more information.

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KS3 (11-14) 

KS4 (14-16) Curriculum 

Pupils can continue along their chosen pathway into KS4 or, in liaison with young people, parents/carers and staff at The Stable school they can change direction if appropriate.

GCSE pathway:

Pupils are encouraged to study for English, maths and science GCSEs where appropriate. If a pupil has an interest and determination to study further GCSEs subject specialist tutors will be available to support them individually or in small groups where appropriate.

Vocational pathway:

Our aim for KS4 pupils on the vocational pathway is to both equip them with the skills they need for adulthood, prepare them for post 16 learning (college) and ensure they leave The Stable school with qualifications in English, maths and other subjects where they hold interests. Our Academy programme ensures that pupils can study an area that interests them, they can gain a qualification in (BTECH entry levels, functional skills etc) and that they gain the confidence and experience to further their studies through apprenticeships or college courses. Examples of Academies are catering, art and design, sports and fitness and equine studies.