The school’s Therapeutic team provide a range of specialist emotional and therapeutic support to pupils, facilitated by a professional and experienced team of practitioners. Support is available to all pupils in a variety of different ways. We take time to build relationships with pupils, to begin to form a trusting relationship, from which we seek to repair past relational trauma. As a trauma informed school, we have adults who are ‘emotionally available’ to pupils should they need support throughout the day. We also have scheduled therapy sessions that can be accessed individually or through group therapy.

Therapy forms a large part of many pupils EHCPs and as such we have robust procedures where EHCP outcomes are monitored closely by our Senior Leadership team. Regular meetings between the therapy team, class teachers and SLT ensure all EHCP outcomes are on target and appropriate.

Some examples of therapy available to our pupils include (although not limited to) sand play therapy, drawing and talking therapy, ELSA sessions, psychotherapy, Speech and language therapy, grief counselling, teenage counselling and theraplay.

For more information on our therapy provision please contact our Head of Therapeutic services on